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Iceland is a popular destination for nature lovers with special interests, such as birdwatching, hiking, swimming etc. tourist attraction iceland for most tourists is the dramatic landscape and natural phenomena; mighty waterfalls and roaring glacial rivers; erupting hot springs and bubbling mud pots; hot water pools ideal for bathing; vast sand deserts; and unexpected oasis in valleys overshadowed by mountains and glaciers. tourist attraction iceland attracts tourists to the country and leaves them truly fascinated and amazed. Some of the iceland tourist attraction are:

Lake Mývatn Conservation Area : The bubbling mud flats, volcanic craters, newborn lava fields, teeming birdlife, and crystal blue lake all makes it a top tourist attraction iceland. The Myvatn region has been set aside as a special conservation area in 1974. It’s one of the most geologically active and beautiful areas.

Snaefellsjokull glacier : Snaefellsjokull glacier can be viewed from the city Reykjavik on a clear day though being 60 miles away. Snaefellsjokull glacier is in the Snaefellsjokull peninsula which has many lava caves, waterfalls, and hot springs to charm you.

The Blue Lagoon : The Blue Lagoon is a man - made Lagoon and the most photographed feature in Iceland. Blue green algae and white silica mud form light natural sediment on the bottom of the lagoon giving it a gentle, opaque, aquamarine color which makes it the most ghostly water body of water in the world. The water body even has curative powers.

The Geysers : The Great Geyser was once the greatest natural attraction in Iceland but now it lies dormant since 1916. When it was active it use to send 60 to 80 meter jet of boiling water and steam. But Strokkur another famous geyser exists just 20 meters away from Great Geyser.

The Vidimyri Turf Church : To view the finest example of Iceland’s architecture it’s the Vidimyri Turf Church. The Vidimyri turf church is one of the six so-called turf churches that are still standing in Iceland. It has been preserved as a monument and still functions as a parish church.

Árnesinga Folk Museum : It’s dedicated to the history of Húsið and its inhabitants and the museum also traces the history of the Árnessýsla (Árnes region). It’s located in Húsið in the village of Eyrarbakki. Its one of the oldest and most remarkable buildings in Iceland and it dates back to 1765.


Iceland Tourist Attractions
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