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Reykjavik Hotel Information 

When on reykjavik iceland you are in for a memorable experience. The quality of a modern, forward-looking city is complemented by a close connection to beautiful and unspoiled nature just next door. Whether you are looking for a way to recharge those vital batteries through a bit of energetic fun or seeking a treat of pure indulgence and a quiet break – Iceland’s capital is the answer to this. reykjavik has around 185,000 inhabitants.

For reykjavik tour the climate, is welcoming that unlike the country's interior, coastal areas are saved from unrelenting sub-zero temperatures thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.  But there are frequent storms, fog and drizzle, plus an almost constant wind that underlines the year-round chill factor. Reykjavík's average summer temperature is 10°C (50°F) and winter sees a average of -1°C (30°F).

While on reykjavik travel iceland visitors are sure to see the city’s closeness to nature, making it city unique in the range of exciting activities such as a spot of midnight golf, salmon fishing, sailing, climbing, glacier trekking, dog sledging, horse riding, whale watching etc. A perfect way to experience Reykjavík’s pure and healing energy is to visit one of the many thermal pools or spas.

For reykjavik tour on the cultural front one sees a special energy visible in the colorful art scene where cosmopolitan currents meet traditional trends in an exciting selection of annual festivals and ongoing events. The city boasts an excellent range of shops and designer outlets as well as high quality hotels and restaurants. These places take pride in the use of the purest, local ingredients such as fish, seafood, lamb and wild game.


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