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Iceland Food

Iceland foods in common is based on fish and lamb, because of Scandinavian and European influences. Food in iceland in not just a place to feast your eyes on but Iceland produces quality food that is the ultimate in good taste.

Icelandic seafood is no match for its quality and that too when you get its delights straight from the sea. Restaurants offer a wide selection of fish harvested fresh from the ocean daily, salmon is available both wild and farmed, and the lobster is a treat. Highland lamb heads the list of favorite meats. From the iceland foods traditional menu, hangikjot (smoked lamb) is the number one favorite among Icelanders and their visitors alike. It's served equally as a warm main dish or in cold buffets. For who are truly brave at heart, in Jan and Feb will find a worthy challenge in the form of the ancient midwinter porrablot: pickled, sour meats and rotten shark are among the delights worth trying once a year.

Iceland food has many seasonal delicacies which include ptarmigan and reindeer in early winter, while range of seabirds are included among traditional foods now served up to exciting gourmet standards and what better way then rounding things off with a dessert of skyr (a type of curds), preferably served with fresh bilberries and cream.

After your visit is over you can certainly carry some food iceland along. Foods such as salmon, lumpfish roe caviar and a variety of cheeses are among the most popular souvenirs. Also iceland frozen food is a real treat.

Iceland food would be incomplete without a mention of drinks available. The country has a number of Bars. Bars have table and/or counter service, and will serve coffee as well as alcohol. Beer and Alcohol is generally expensive. You come across coffee shops in Iceland where you pay for the first cup and you help yourself to subsequent cups. There is a wide selection of European spirits and wines. Brennivin (a potent variation of aquavit made from potatoes) is a local drink.


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